Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3d keyboard

My idea was that there would be this ball with buttons on it for all the keys on a keyboard inside each triangle and the triangles stick out a bit so you can hold it easily without pressing any on accident, you press inside each triangle for the key and a little harder to do shift+the key. So you could type using only one hand while the other one does the mouse is the idea. I don't know what the learning curve would be like or if people could get pretty good at it or whether it would just drive anyone insane that tried to use it lol.
maybe a better idea than the last thing, this is a ball you hold in your fist so your fingertips are on the five buttons, and it has a gyroscope in it so it can tell which way you are holding it in space like an ipad. And depending on which way you rotate it, it changes what the five buttons do.Like in one position the five buttons could be e,t,a,o,space, and if you rotate it a bit in a certain direction they change to n,s,h,i,backspace.

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