Friday, December 16, 2011

Social Messaging

I thought of this idea for a social service that works like a collaborative email that's authenticated on a server and allows you to manage different groups to share different content with.
First of all you compose a message with any kind of webpage content you would like, pictures, links, attached files, whatever. And you choose what groups to send the message to.  Example:
Then a message is sent to the server to make sure whoever you are sending it to has put you in a list of people they want to receive messages from (you can only get spam from people you've authorized!):
If it is verified, the message goes to the person you're sending it to's inbox where they can see new messages:
The neat thing is on each message it gives everyone the message was sent to a place to edit the message, the server will send the update to everyone the message was originally sent to:

The app provides an interface to quickly add and remove different contacts from different groups:

There's also an interface for seeing who has sent you a contact invite or for you to send contact invites, also to remove someone from your contact list. Then they will no longer be able to send you a message. To make a connection between two people both people have to confirm by entering their password which the server verifies. 

So it's pretty simple the server I make doesn't even have to store anyone's files except temporarily it merely keeps a database of who is authorized to send messages to whom and sends the message along. I feel like it combines the best aspects of email, google+, facebook, and google wave. 

I finished the message editing part of the program here are a couple screenshots:
Here I'm viewing a message about fire and I've filled out a comment including a picture of a bucket of water.

When I click submit it adds my comment to the main message: 
So so far so good, next is the part of the program for selecting different messages. 

Update 2:
Now I've got the main message selection window done. When you click on one of your groups/person on the left it will only show you messages from anyone in that group or from that person. 

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  1. Hey, looks good. It would be nice to have a message that could be updated but not have to be resent each time. Also, it may be important to be able to track changes, in case someone deletes something they shouldn't.

    Jon S