Thursday, June 25, 2015

Comparison of 16 note scale to 12 note scale

I noticed Western Music's 12 note scale in black is pretty close to a 16 note scale shifted off of a power of 2 about 5 hz left or right and leaving out 4 notes...
Also notice how many nice rational harmonies there are like C=256, E=320, G=384 in the standard notation with the new frequencies, and 320/256 = 1.25 and 384/320 = 1.2... A at 432 over G at 384 gives 1.125 for the ratio etc...

And I noticed that in standard notation with the new frequencies E:C is 1+1/4, G:E is 1+1/5, and the highest C:G is 1+1/3 making the nice 4-5-3 ratios for that chord.

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