Wednesday, July 16, 2014

solar distiller

I built this to distill dirty water into clean water, you put the 2-liter of bad water into the receiver which is made out of the top of a Styrofoam cup and duct taped into place. The water fills the pan in a shallow layer with a lot of surface area for better exaporation.  The bottom of the pan is arched so the water level never reaches the whole cut in the bottom that is fitted with a cut off top of a 2 liter, the water exaporates inside the pan in the sun and collects on the plastic covering which is weighed down in the middle so the water runs down it and drips through the cut off 2 liter top which acts as a funnel. This water is collected into another empty 2 liter that screws onto the cut off 2 liter on the underside with a female-female 2-liter adapter (two 2 liter caps duct taped together lol) and the pan sits on four legs to hold it steady.
I think there could be a manufactured version that has the pan, the funnel and hole in the bottom, the receiver and legs all built out of a single piece of metal, with a fitting plastic lid of the right shape, so all you would need to use it is a 2 liter of dirty water and a clean 2 liter to store the water...

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