Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar thoughts and Historical Fantasy

Oscar thoughts: 1) I think they should move all the behind the scenes stuff like best production, best cinematography, best musical score, best original song, best costume design, best special effects, etc... to the ceremony they do the night before about the other technical stuff and then they could spend more time on some of the important things that always feels rushed like best foreign film, best documentary, best short film, and add a couple like best comedy, best action film, i don't know what else. 2) Does Seth McFarlane have split personalities or something, it's hard to believe that's the same guy that does Family Guy 3)A couple of the commercials were pretty good, that like 10 part commercial about the zombie unicorns was cool I get tired of seeing the same commercial every commercial break, so it's nice to see one that tells a whole story. The long awaited sequel to the Grey Poupon commercial was funny.

 I thought of some more categories that would be good, best historical drama, best biographical movie alternatively best movie based on a true story, best love story, most faithful adaptation of a novel, best big budget movie...

Best totally made up story set during a serious time like the holocaust or when there was slavery that shows things the way you would think they might have been or end the way you would really want them to instead of how they actually were. Quentin Tarentino would have won that the last two years and who knows maybe the next few lol.

Not to pick on Quentin Tarentino there have been thousands of movies fitting that exact description, U-571, Tombstone, Life is Beautiful, any war movie made in the 50's of which there must be a thousand alone, Gladiator, Spartacus, I guess all the movies based on the Bible, etc....

I thought maybe it would be called "historical fiction" but it says in the wikipedia article that that includes "with due attention paid to historical setting and fidelity" whereas the genre I'm talking about has way more artistic liberty.

"historical fantasy" maybe would be good

**I was trying to see how blogger handled copying and pasting facebook comments I made , not very well it turns out...

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