Sunday, July 10, 2011

Internet Idea

I was thinking, if these wireless routers everyone has set up around town would be configured to listen for messages that had a destination address and a payload (encrypted of course!), then pass it along further to another router along the route towards the destination address... eventually no one would even need to buy their internet from these big telecom companies.
   For instance, suppose my Dad has a server set up at his office with his company website on it across town, the route from my house to there looks like this...

All those little red dots if you zoom in are different people's wifi hotspots that my request for his webpage would go through jumping from one to the next along the physical route to his office and then the data for the webpage would come back through.
 So to send an email to someone you would send it to their street address just like you would regular mail and eventually it would get there jumping from the house down the road from you to the next house and through a bunch more until it gets to theirs.
  Anyway I thought it was kind of fun to think about.

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  1. Nice, and cities could install boosters around the city to help this along.