Sunday, April 17, 2011

Combined Sport

If you start comparing crew or rowing with sumo wrestling...

  • Crew uses mostly the muscles in the front of the leg, the back, the biceps, and the gripping muscles in the hand...
  • Sumo wrestling uses primarily the back of the leg for momentum, and the abs, pecs, and triceps for pushing as well as an open hand for pushing.
Energy Use
  • Crew is primarily an endurance sport of using the most energy you can over a long period of time with short bursts of more effort
  • Sumo is more about short bursts of intense effort in rounds over a period of time. 
Body Type
  • Crew favors tall athletes about 6'4 with lean muscle mass to avoid sinking the boat
  • Sumo obviously favors not so lean athletes that average about 5'11 for leverage
Use of Force
  • The goal of crew is to keep up top speed in the same direction using a static form 
  • Sumo wrestlers need to rapidly change direction and form to move their opponent a short distance in any direction. 
The Sumo/Crew Bi-athlete (Guess)
  • Only slightly taller than average
  • 260 pounds
  • Maximizing the combination of endurance strength and max power output
  • Maximizing agility and balance
  • Strong in both of the two complementary muscle groups but perhaps in different ways
I think it was fun to imagine taking two entirely different sports both specializing in different kinds of abilities and combining the two and see what kind of athletes might be dominant in the resulting sport. 

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